Instagram helps your business profitable, is it? | Tips for entrepreneurs

Instagram helps your business profitable, is it? | Tips for entrepreneurs

Welcome aboard future entrepreneurs….

We know, all are hear and use the Instagram. But, in this blog you will know about how Instagram help to grow your business profit and strong brand awareness in this internet era.

What is Instagram?

Ya, you will surely know what is Instagram. As like that Instagram is a social platform where you can post the photograph in niches like travel, food and too many. It is a free and mostly used for sharing your art work in form of photograph. The framework of the instagram is display the users content in better way.

User’s can be like, comment, share for the post images and make entertainment or informative reels. It is mostly famous among youngsters.

Instagram is launched @ Oct. 6, 2010 but in early stage instagram is only available in iOS Application. After that, it is reached billions of users. In April, 2012 it became available in android application. Till now, instagram gave a focus to photographs. So, that’s why most of the features are in the mobile devices.

Is Instagram better than Facebook?

Yes, according to privacy instagram is better and more controls then Facebook. In IG, it allows users to control their own privacy for their account.

IG are having equal user base compare with Facebook. But, nowadays instagram reels are played a major role to increase their users.

Facebook have all age type of users but instagram are have a younger user page. So, IG have converts than Facebook.

The IG increase their users every year. For your reference, I attached a image with details.

How to promote the business in instagram?

In this digital world, everyone use the instagram for making fun, show their photography skills to others, and making reels video with their skills to show others. But, the entrepreneurs are use it as large business market. If you want to increases your product sale or brand trust through a instagram you must follow the methods to get more engagement and impressions.

1. Catchy Title

2. Creative Content

3. Good Looking Photos

4. Use Trending Related Hashtags

5. Post at peak times

6. Geotags

Catchy Title:

Make a professional title with benefit you offer in the product. The title should always keep it in short and simple, and the title will be announce some offers with some symbols & numbers.

Creative Content:

The content will be entertaining, unique , and niche specific. Write a content with some highly impressed keyword to get engagement.

Good Looking Photos:

Design a creative, colorful and conceptual image because it will made customers to click. The image should be in proper size which is recommended by the instagram.

Use Trending Related Hashtags:

Select the proper trending hashtags to reach the many user and increase the engagement for the post in the instagram feed.

Post at peak times:

Every social platform have different type of user and each platform have different time to reach peak at graph. As like that, for instagram every Wednesday, 11 AM ( IST ) are the best time to post in instagram to get viral.


Geotags are the method of mention the place where from you posted. Like #india.

How to grow your business on Instagram

Improving your business in instagram is time taking process, once you touch the top graph. you get attention among the users. Here I mentioned a methods you want to follow in your profile.

1.Perfect Bio:

In the beginning, you need to optimize your bio. Your profile pic should reflect your business ( Business logo), Provide proper description of your services or the product, add the website link in the bio.

2. Extraordinary post:

Great picture and content are the major when you are posting.

Every time posting something on instagram, you need to confirm about unique content. Use the high-definition quality of photographs with beautifully edited. There are so many free photo editing apps, so use any of these to get business attention.

3. Schedule Posting:

Trust is main thing in the business. If customer buy anything that is trust he build on us. So, post regularly based on the best time to post in instagram. This method may build a relationship with target customers.

4. IG Stories and Live:

Instead oof chatting with customers on comment or DM, you can provide poll widgets to know about your service, product link to access from customer end.

you can organize your stories in the instagram bio, Because, instagram stories are disappears in a day ( 24 hours ).

5. Use Industry hashtags:

Hashtags are sign for the post. So, it is redirect the quality customers to your site. Hashtags are present the post based on the users interest and followers. At least one hashtags are must for the post to get the engagement.

Use the hashtags which are related to your industry for the best results. up to 30 Hashtags are allowed in per post.

6. Use Analytics:

Instagram provide the analytics tools to see the performance of each post. Click ” View insights” button to visit the performance of that post.

You can analysis the impressions, click of that post and how visit your bio and click the link in the bio.

7. Conduct free giveaway:

“No one say no to free”, so, conduct the give way consent to gain more followers and friends.

8. Offers promotions:

Provide the separate offers for ” Followers Only “, give offer like free demo, trial, money cashback, discounts to engage your followers.

And Finally,

Don’t buy the followers to your account

Social media is mainly about the trust and relationships. So, don’t follow the promotions in unethical way. High followers count is impressive but they are not going to give the business to you.

If you need more about how to grow business on instagram, get in touch now


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